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I help people invest in real estate in Montgomery County, Tennessee including Clarksville, Adams, Pleasant View, Ashland City, and the Fort Campbell Area. Whether you're buying as a first time home-owner, moving up or down, or buying property as an investment I can assist you in the buying and selling process.

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Whether you’re moving to or already living in Clarksville & the Fort Campbell Area, there's always something going on. I'm here to bring you constant updates on home renovations, houses for sale, and much more! Stay up-to-date when you get our newsletter.

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I have a blog! I’m not just your realtor. I'm your resource to improving your home new or not. I'm your resource to finding out about the community you live in. I go beyond buying or selling houses. Let’s do this together!

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Relocation is my specialty.

I'm a wife, a mother, and a business woman who happens to be a veteran. I arrived in Clarksville in 1996 to stay with my sister for a few years to spend time with my nephews. 25 years later, I'm still here! Because of that, I strive to make sure everyone I work with feels at home here in Clarksville like I did. I love to travel, eat new foods, make new friends, and keep the old friends as well!  When I sell a house to someone, I like to provide engaging communication to establish a friendly relationship that lasts beyond the sale.

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